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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updates 2005/2006

Web Changes
2005 - The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museums had been through some trying times lately. The hosting company ( decided - on just a few days notice - to stop hosting personal websites. I was only able to salvage a bit of web sites.
However ... now the Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum is being re-formatted and re-launched, on it's own domain, safe from the whims of others. It's going to take awhile to add all the information and images from the other site, so please be patient with me.
The site was launched way back in November, 2000. It's moved 3 different times, hopefully, this will be it's last move!

3/25/05 - Added a few more pages of the "lost" Girl Scout Badge Museum.
4/1/05 - Troop Crests and a couple more Badge pages added.
4/3/05 - Senior Interest Patches added to the Uniform Section, Girl Scout Rose added. Having some trouble linking all the pages - so I'm putting a site map on this page.
4/4/05 - Progress - all badge pages have been completed. I'm now working on restoring the "uniform" pages.
4/5/05 - Starting work on restoring the pins to the museum
4/6/05 - Rings completed
4/9/05 - Ernie Altvater sent in a completely different Brownie Marigold Seed packet - it was only 15 cents! Check out the GS Rose page. Visited the Guide Shop in Victoria, BC, Canada. The ladies there were so wonderful! They answered all my questions and I was able to add and update the Canadian Guide page. I also pulled out some notes that Louise St. Germain sent me on Canada pins just before the old website was lost. New Canadian Girl Guides page is under the International Pins Section.
4/10/05 - working on the International Section
4/12/05 - continuing to add and update the International Section. Queen's Guide Award added to the updated UK Pins page. Added a wide variety of Adult Girl Guiding pins from the UK to the UK 2 page. Found a resource that notes the Queen's Guide Award should be called a Badge, not an Award, since it is earned.
4/13/05 - International Pins G-Z updated and online, Philippine Girl Scout Pins have their own page. I've added small images of several vintage GG/GS uniforms throughout the International section. Eva Kiehl sent in an update on the Girl Scout Rose! Louise St. Germain sent in an image of a c.1920 UK Brownie pin.
4/17/05 - Major overhaul and update of the International Section . New source for the Girl Scout Lily found! Pin pages added.
4/18/05 - Almost completely transferred all the Pin pages, Camp pages being transferred, Camera, Knives 1 & 2 up and running.
4/19/20 - Non-uniformed clothing, hankies and scarves, GS bracelets, up and running.
4/20/05 - Several pages added, updated and organized.
4/24/05 - South Vietnam Girl Scout pin and uniform images added (International T-Z Section).
4/25/05 - The Altvaters donated 2 wonderful images; the full set of 3 Brownie bracelets for 1957 and a unique GS hankie. Mariner Girl Scout and Wing Girl Scout pages added.
4/28/05 - Brownie page added to Uniforms section. Iran Girl Guides (banned country) added. Vietnam Girl Guides (also banned) updated.
5/5/05 - Robert Rodgers emailed several camp patches and an ID strip. Compiled all sorts of images of one of my favorite badges - Hostess. Check out the Hostess badge from other countries on the "Ode to a Badge" page.
5/7/05 - Completed the "Resources" section, that includes information about future plans - Can you help?
5/8/05 - Updated the Uniforms section, improving the khaki uniform page and adding the grey-green uniform page.
5/11/05 - Louise St. Germain sent in some great images; an older Mexican Fairy Pin, Singapore Stick pin, older Canadian Brownie Hostess badge and a U.K. Sea Ranger pin. All can be found where you'd expect them, except the Brownie Hostess - it's on the Ode to a Badge page.
5/21/05 - Finals are over and I am free for the summer! Cookie Boxes page up, Pendants and Charms started. Louise St. Germain sent in a side-by-side image of the font differences in the Canadian Girl Guide membership pins. Thailand Hostess badge added to the Ode to a Badge page - who knew there were so many?
5/25/05 - Pendants and Charms completed - 97 different necklace & bracelet charms! Can't find the date for the Mustard Seed Pendant - anyone know?
6/13/05 - Donated images of a new GS ring, a different Senior Encampment Pin (in the camp section) international pins (Yemen, Taiwan, New Zealand, Spain, etc), Macy & Convention patches, and some camp patches have been added! Thanks to Kathie, Angie and Linda!!!!
6/17/05 - Annelies Squeri compiled detailed lists of Brownie and Girl Scout hankies - wonderful for all collectors! Check the bottom of each Hankie page.
6/18/05 - I learned that Grey Green uniformed fabric ( 1928 era) sold for homemade uniforms was watermarked - just like the khaki fabric.
9/3/05 - After a long break, I'm finally back updating and adding pages. The newest page is Girl Scout Purses. Other pages that were updated - Piper Project, Rings (who knew there were 3 variations of that little Brownie Girl ring?) and Camp Pin. Thanks to Kathy and Loree for the new stuff!
9/11/05 - Worked on the Purses and Wallets page - there are now 49 different items shown - all with dates!
12/30/05 - Aggie Donch wrote with some dates for the Girl Scouting USA pin and HQ pins( on the TOFS and HQ pages).
11/26/05 - I combed through my files of international items and updated several entries. Did you know there were two version of the South African pin? I also found items from countries no longer part of WAGGGS, such as Burma & Cuba.
11/24/05 - New Asia-Pacific Region "Reach for the Region" pin added to the WAGGGS page.
11/19/05 - Just got a copy of the 1954 Thirteenth Biennial Report of WAGGGS - had some line drawings of old membership pins, including some from Finland, Germany, Costa Rica and Lichtenstein that I had not seen before. I've added the images to the international pages.
10/21/05 - Michelle Jermy sent in many images and information on the Canadian Girl Guide pins, as well as some that ended up on the United Kingdom page. Check out the updates!
6.7.06 - I've started a new website called Kids' Club Collectibles, because I developed an interest in other youth organizations; their history, their uniforms, their insignias, their collectibles, etc. I only have a few pages so far - Camp Fire Girls, Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, Girls Friendly Society, Junior Audubon Society -with plans for more. Check it out!
6.2.06 - new page of Girl Scout plates - Girl Scouts In The Kitchen, also updated the non-uniform but official GS clothing page with some new images. Can't date one of the shirt - any ideas?
6/1/06 - Angie sent in an interesting example of 2 sizes of books, but there is no information that this ever happened. This means there are even more editions to find for our collections. Angie also sent in a couple of new labels that are different - these were found on the vintage camp-type T-shirts.
Anyone out there remember the "If I were a Girl Scout in 1776" program? I'm hunting for images of those badges, plus other Bicentennial things related to GS. I've got a few, plus the handbook. New page:
If I were a Girl Scout in 1776
5/28/06 - It all started when Angie sent in some great images of the dust jackets of old Girl Scout fiction books. As I started putting together a webpage, it grew and grew and grew! Then I added Bookmarks and Bookends and voila - I just had to start a new "wing" to the museum - the Library. So, make yourself a cup of tea and come visit the Library and see 2 - yes 2 - web pages of Girl Scout fiction books - most in their dust jackets, and a few other things relating to books.
Girl Scout Library

5/25/06 - Angie Olds sent in some Girl Scout Uniform patterns to help make the page more complete AND some images of Brownie Fiction Book covers - so there's a new page - GS Fiction Books. I added some more book cover images, put I don't have the info to go with them yet, nor are they in order.
5/25/06 - I've launched a SHOP page, to help pay for the cost of running this website.
5/22/06 - Thanks to Sue for pointing out that the Green Angels page was missing! It's up and running now. My other website - Summerpearl Rosary - is finally back online - and with it the Catholic Girl Scouts page (note - you'll be leaving this website to see the page, but there is a return button on the page).
5/16/06 - Ernie was kind enough to send in some images to improve the Diary page, and something brand new - Girl Scout Camp Fund Stamps - check out the new page. Dottie Farmer was able to put a date on a Rockwood Pin, Anne Varberg pointed out some interesting info about troops & companies.
5/16/06 - Through a computer update I lost all my email and email address to my address. If you sent something recently and don't see it here in the updates, I likely lost it. Please resend!
5/2/06 - Ernie Altvater sent in images of his great collection of Girl Scout passes. Check out the new page!
3/25/06 - Girl Scout Compasses page added to the Camping Section
3/24/06 - New page - Girl Scout Flashlights completed - whew! 46 different kind! It's in the Camping Section.
3/23/06 - Michelle J. sent in a color image for the new Diary page! Patty D. asked a question tipping me off that I was missing a patch from the ID Strips page (I found an image and added it)
3/20/06 - updated the Girl Scout Clothing page with 2 more swim suits.
3/19/06 - New Page - Girl Scout Diaries - complete collection of images from 1929 - 1972.
3/19/06 - New page added - Girl Scout Labels - so far, 24 different labels from 1915 to 1980
3/18/06 - New page added - GS Wrist Watches. Now you can easily date your Girl Scout watch! Who knew there were at least 29 different varieties??? Also updated: Unique Pins page, the WHC Pin page with new info, Pendants & Charms with a date for the Mustard Seed Charm, Fun Pins and the needleworks page.
3/4/06 - Due to problems with spamming, I've removed my email link at the bottom of the page. Please contact me at
2/28/06 - added images of vintage Girl Guide/Girl Scout uniforms to the International page. I also found insignia information from Norway's Girl Guides showing quite a variety of patches.
2/22/06: Check out the newest page - the Girl Scout Tea House! Several pages have been updated including Girl Scout Rose, Brownie uniforms and International pages..


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