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Saturday, January 20, 2007

95th Anniversary Pins are here!

I'm always excited to see new Girl Scout pins! There are 2 versions of the 95th Anniversay pins this time. Check them out on the Anniversary Pins page.

Since so many councils will be changing their names as they redefine their boundaries, there probably won't be many council 95th anniversary pins like there was for the 90th.

An unusual Council's Own badge came in - Panama Canal Council's Own. The sender can't remember the name of the badge, but it must come from the time when we still posessed the Panama Canal, and the military and their families were there in enough numbers to warrant this badge. Just a guess.

New page - I not much of a fan of collecting patches, however, I've fallen in love with the quilt patches put out by Patch Corner. Are there more than 4 designs?

2007 Cookie Pin added.


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