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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Updates June 2006

6.23.06 - The new GSUSA catalog arrived! So... the 2007 Cookie pin is white enamel. The new adult charms from this year aren't in the new catalog - I found that surprising. The newer Brownie dolls now have a Brownie Scout uniform to wear - I'm glad, they sure don't look Girl Scout otherwise.

6.22.06 - Is this pin familiar?

6.21.06 - Angie Olds has been busy! She sent in some cookie charm images from the 1960's Chicago area GS - at least we think they are all cookie charms. Some say cookie on them, others don't. So I've emailed the GSC of Chicago to find out. Check out the Cookie Pins & Charms page for the what appears to be a complete set.

6.16.06 - Angie Olds sent in this image of a Girl Scout musical note. Anyone know what the purpose of the pin is? How old the pin is?

6.15.06 - I've been working on a new page for Council and Troop Own's badges. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but it's a start. I had no idea there were SO many council's own badges out there!
Girl Scout Council's Own

6.13.06 - Brownie Points was a category on the game show Jeopardy last night. All five questions had to do with Brownie Girl Scouts!

6.8.06 - Why is there a loop on this mini trefoil pin?


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